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The formation of the Croquelien hill dates from the Palaeozoic period, 200 to 600 million years ago. This granite massif has undergone dramatic chemical and physical weathering over many thousands of years. The rocky platform, full of fissures, has gradually fractured under the influence of water infiltration, invasive roots, oxydation of the stone and geological pressure. Continuous weathering and erosion have sculpted the more vulnerable parts of the rock, producing the picturesque "chaos" that we see today.

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Our writers can complete all your "" requests ? 100% plagiarism-free ? Money back guarantee ? Let EssayVikings.com solve your college According to popular legend, this mass of rocks is the cradle of the Margot fairies. Discreet but sometimes mischievous, they are said to mistrust the curiosity of humans : These three rocks, sculpted at the dawn of time, protect the fabulous fortune of the Margot fairies. A full barrel of gold is said to be buried under the most imposing of the granite blocks. It may be tempting to try to carry off this treasure, but one must beware of the terrible vengeance of the fairieso thieves will be turned to stones similar to these three great rocks and will watch for ever more over the accursed barrel of gold !

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